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What type of Survey do I need?

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When you’ve found the property of your dreams, it’s time to get down to the business and have a professional check the property out in case of any hidden problems. But what type of survey will you need, and what will the surveys look for?

Level 2 Report

Previously called the HomeBuyer Report, a level 2 report will inspect the inside and outside of a property, as well as any outbuildings. It is non-intrusive and only covers areas that are physically accessible. Therefore would not detect anything in the fabric of the property. It will, however, let you know of any apparent defects that you may have missed.

Level 3 Report

Also known as a structural survey, or building survey, a level 3 report provides a comprehensive assessment of the structure and condition of the building. This survey is advised for properties constructed pre-war. It’s also advisable for unconventional homes and those that have undergone significant changes or need considerable work. A level 3 report will look at the property and cover all areas, including cellars and attics. It also examines the current drainage and heating systems for any problems. Lastly, the surveyor will report on repair options for defects, including a timescale and approximate cost to have the issues sorted.

Investing in a survey to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying could save you unnecessary expenses as well as give you peace of mind moving into the next chapter of your life.

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