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Spring into action: easy ways to get your garden in shape

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As the spring sunshine breaks through and the temperature begins to rise, it’s only natural to want to head outside into the garden; however, sadly, it’s all looking a little battered from winter. But don’t be disheartened, here are four quick tips for an easy makeover allowing you to make the most of this beautiful time of year.

  1. Love your lawn
    After winter has passed it’s time to give your lawn some loving attention. Feeding the grass and raking it through will make sure it can breathe. It will also help its growth and colour. If you find some gaps to fill, why not scatter grass seed, or buy a few rolls of turf.
  2. Wash your paths and patio
    Winter is dirty and muddy and your patio or decking can start to look grimy. Freshen everything with a blast from a pressure washer and then you’ll be ready to uncover your furniture, ready to soak up the spring rays.
  3. Tidy the flower beds
    Although weeding can seem mundane, it can transform your garden into a cleaner and more inviting space with not much effort. Applying a layer of mulch to the soil will also stop those pesky weeds from returning as quickly.
  4. Plant
    There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your garden full of vibrant colours and scents that attract birds and pollinators. Visit your local garden centre to buy a few varieties and pop them into any spaces you have uncovered after weeding. Plus, if you invest in perennials, the blooms will return to make you smile year upon year.

New to gardening? Check out RHS for some tips and ideas to get going.

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