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Decluttering the home for a happier home

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When you’re busy and the children or your job requires so much of your time, it’s easy for clutter to take over your life. The task of decluttering can often become so enormous that it can be hard to see where to begin.  However, here are four top tips to keep your home free of mess and a much happier place to be.

  1. Start small
    Decluttering is hard work. It’s tiring and in some instances, it can be emotional. Begin small, even with just 5 minutes a day. This way you can tackle a small area at a time and avoid it becoming overwhelming.
  2. Question it
    If you’re finding it hard to get rid of items, question, is it useful? And do I use it? If the answer is no, is there any point in keeping it? Things that no longer have a place could be using up storage space unnecessarily. 
  3. Clothes
    Clothes are an easy culprit to become unmanageable. If you haven’t worn the item in the past year, or if it doesn’t spark joy when you see it, either sell it or donate it to a charity shop. 
  4. Focus on toys
    Children can be mini-hoarders, but there are often many toys destined for a new home. Begin with any left lying around. Is the game still played? Do they still enjoy that toy? Check with your child first, but pop it in the charity shop bag or sell it online if the answer is no. 

When you declutter, try and give the item a new home, rather than condemning it to landfill. You could donate the items, give them away, or even sell at a car boot sale or on a buying and selling platform.

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